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  • My last day

    Travel Journal from Russia Moscow (Moskva), Russia | Mon Dec 22, 2014

    I leave for the airport in less than 12 hours. It will be boring these last few hours as I'm one of the last to depart, but I'm glad I was able to see most of the others off. Transition times like this always leave me with a strange feeling. This has been the single best semester of my undergraduate career. I've learned a crazy amount of math, my Russian has …

    Math... Russian style!

  • Week 15: Saying Goodbye

    Travel Journal from England London, England | Sun Dec 21, 2014

     Writing this on my eleven hour flight from Heathrow to LAX: So this last week has been really weird. It didn’t take me that long to pack my life into four little boxes—that was weird. Saying goodbye to friends the same way I always do, except this time forever—that was weird. Thinking about returning home to a big ol’ pile of family—that’s pretty cool. So here’s a quick rundown on my last …

    Prague Study Abroad Fall 2014

  • Jeju Getaway

    Travel Journal from South Korea Seoul, South Korea | Thu Aug 14, 2014

    Jeju is known to be the Hawaii of South Korea. I think it has an identity of its own. Unlike Hawaii, its culture isn't over exploited. Instead of its culture being a show it's just a way of life and there happens to tourists standing in the distance. Jeju-do ('do' is tacked onto island names to signify that it is an island) is about an hour flight from Seoul. …

    Studying in Seoul

  • Last excursion

    Travel Journal from Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica | Tue Dec 16, 2014

    Possibly my last excursion and if it was it was great. I went to Curu which is a secluded beach on the North Western side of Costa Rica. I wanted to go fishing for my birthday and I was planning to go to Corcovado but because of how far it is and limited time I decided against it. So a friend of mine Andrew dis some research and we went …

    A Narrative of Gods Isolation

  • Pre-departure to Seoul

    Travel Journal from South Korea Seoul, South Korea | Mon Dec 15, 2014

    Do I know enough Korean to survive?

    Visiting South Korea