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  • A short breather...

    Travel Journal from Russia Moscow (Moskva), Russia | Thu Sep 18, 2014

    Class is over for the day, but this is only a short breather. Tonight we leave for St. Petersburg! Most of the MiM group will be spending the next three days in Petersburg, touring the Hermitage, some museums, and checking out the cultural center of Moscow. Apparently, Euler is buried there, so maybe I'll go and pay my respects to one of the most famous guys in math. We'll be …

    Math... Russian style!

  • How NOT to make toast

    Travel Journal from Sweden Orebro, Sweden | Tue Sep 16, 2014

    Imagine this scene… Myself and four other students, talking and finishing lunch as the housemates who went out last night slowly trickle in to the kitchen.  Ilessi says, “Do you smell something?”  Everyone pauses, but no one does.  In my infinite wisdom, I suggest that perhaps it’s time we clean our oven as I’m sure there have been spills over the last few weeks. Conversation and laughter resume.  All of a …

    6 months in Sweden

  • Excursion 2: San Pedro de Atacama

    Travel Journal from Chile Chile | Mon Sep 15, 2014

    So let me tell you about San Pedro! My mejor amiga, Christina and I headed out on a parade of transportation for one of the most unique gems in Chile that is (or should be) a travel destination for anyone ever in the area. Located in the Atacama Desert in Antofagasta Region of Northern Chile is this tiny pueblo and sustained makeshift home to travelers from all over the world; body-sized …

    5 Months in Chile

  • Exploring the city

    Travel Journal from Nepal Nepal | Mon Sep 15, 2014

    Having been in Kathmandu for about three weeks, I think I can safely say I'm getting to know my way around the city - kind of. I have the beginnings of a normal routine put down. I've found my favorite place to get coffee (and occasionally a chocolate croissant), I've been to the American style breakfast a few more times than I'd like to admit, and I know my way to …

    Life in Kathmandu

  • Mindo Lindo

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Quito, Ecuador | Sun Sep 14, 2014

    Last weekend, I visited the town of Mindo, which is a two hour drive from Quito. Although it’s not too far from the city, it felt like we were entering a completely different atmosphere, away from the busy city life and into the jungle. We arrived on friday evening and checked in at our hostel, La Casa de Cecilia. Back in the United States, I would’ve paid 100$ a night to …

    Ecuador Ama la Vida