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  • Off I go...

    Travel Journal from United States Illinois, United States | Wed Aug 20, 2014

    It’s 3pm CST in Terminal 5 of O’Hare International in Chicago. As I sit here waiting for my flight, I am thinking on all of the things and people that came together to make this trip a reality.  Already this has been quite a learning experience for me; navigating passport and visa applications, juggling communications between various government agencies, universities and programs. I had no idea what goes into traveling …

    6 months in Sweden

  • It's Time!

    Travel Journal from Ecuador Quito, Ecuador | Sat Aug 16, 2014

    August 16th: 4:00 AM New York time I am writing my first post from the airport as I wait to board my plane to Ecuador. After ten long months of planning, today has finally arrived, and I am more than ready to begin this new and exciting chapter of my life.   Although at times I find myself getting scared and anxious, my wanderlust always seems to get the best of me, …

    Ecuador Ama la Vida

  • Giving-Back Activity

    Travel Journal from Italy Arezzo, Italy | Sat Aug 16, 2014

    I would be lying if I said I did not think everything happened for a reason. Growing up, I have always wondered how my life always seemed to fall into place. I grew up very underprivileged and poor. I never even imagined myself being able to attend college, and DEFINITELY did not envision myself studying abroad. Many people told me this experience would be life changing. Sure, I figured I …

    First Giving-Back Activity

  • Volunteering in Amman!!

    Travel Journal from Jordan Amman, Jordan | Wed Aug 13, 2014

    For my volunteer component I had originally wanted to do something with teaching. Since my degree involves a TESOL degree and I do at some point want to teach abroad I figured I could get an idea of what it might be like to teach in a foreign country. It eventually got hard to find an opportunity to do so with the changes in social scheduling that happen during Ramadan …

    Figuring it out in Jordan

  • Back in the US After A Year Abroad

    Travel Journal from United States South Carolina, United States | Tue Aug 05, 2014

    Since being back in the US for the last two and half months, I thought it was about time to make my last blog in video form, where I converse about all of the trials and tribulations I have underwent since my re-entry in the USA and the life I left behind just a year ago. Also, I include all of the advantages I have gained and the future goals …

    My Study Abroad in Chengdu, China